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Year 7 Norman Castles

Year 7 students were asked to design an impenetrable Norman Castle as their project homework this term. 

Their task was to show the defensive features used by the Normans to defend themselves from the angry Anglo-Saxons after the battle of Hastings. We had a huge range of Motte and Bailey, Stone Keep and even the complex concentric castles. The workmanship, time and effort that went into these projects was amazing and this year, once again, we had some incredible castles. From the huge (4 feet long) to the tiny, from lego to Minecraft, from the perfectly historically accurate and immaculately labelled to the creative and inspirational designed.

Well done to each and every Year 7 student who participated in the project and gave up hours of leisure time to create their wonderful castles. Dr Rowe, Head of History said, “It is truly humbling to see how much pride students take in their work.” Year 7 teacher Miss Eldred, said, “Choosing the winner is going to be incredibly difficult.”