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Raising Awareness Of Human Trafficking

Year 10 and 11 students learned about the victims of human trafficking as part of a human rights topic.

Two police officers from Northamptonshire's Force Intelligence Bureau spoke to students about the growing international problem and told them human trafficking is the second largest source of illegal income in the world behind the illegal arms supply.

Students learned about the organisation Stop The Traffik and what the definition of human trafficking is.

Citizenship Teacher Samantha Stacey said: "Some of them weren't aware that human trafficking even goes on and they were shocked at what they heard.

"They didn't realise that people were still enslaved, not just in the UK but also closer to home.

"They learnt that many people who have been trafficked are dependent on drugs because they've been forced into having a habit.

"They were also shocked to learn that 1.2m children are trafficked every year and that criminals have swapped the drugs trade for human trafficking."

Mrs Stacey said she is hoping to launch a campaign around Stop The Traffik next year.