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Volunteers Making A Difference In The Community

Two students who are members of a voluntary group have been involved in a project with a difference – the creation of a bee habitat.

Sixth Former Dale Page and Year 10 student Adam Wilson are part of Northamptonshire Voluntary Youth Action and last month, they undertook a gardening project at Abington Park in Northampton.

They were part of a group of young volunteers who transformed an area of desolate flower beds into a bee habitat to try to counteract a drop in bee populations.

The pair spent hours digging soil in the sweltering heat.

Dale said: "It was something different that we haven't done before. With the weather it was very challenging because it was about 25C and we worked from 9am to 4pm.

"It's something we'll be going back to and continuing to develop."

Dale, who has been part of Voluntary Youth Action for two years, also helps to put the group's annual newsletter together, selecting what stories should go in and editing the final version.

He said: "You get enjoyment out of helping the community and making a difference, as well as meeting new people and doing something different.

"My favourite thing I've been involved with was Great Balls of Fire, which was a one-day Olympics event that we held in Northampton in January. It was about getting people of different ages, abilities and cultures together. We had human table football, 5-a-side and a mini World Cup."