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Enterprise Project Launched In AMID

Form groups in AMID have teamed up to design, produce and sell items such as jewellery, t-shirts and key rings to fundraise for a breast cancer charity.

Four forms in the Art, Music and Industrial Design faculty have appointed roles similar to those in a company, including managers, a marketing team and a production team.

The faculty was inspired to help after hearing that a teacher's wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sam Fyman and Cath Davis' forms have been working together while Jacqui Brown and David Mitchell's forms have joined forces.

Students have been spending tutor time coming up with designs for products that are due to go on sale after half term.

The logo and name of the project is Dash to symbolise the hyphen after a person's year of birth (e.g. 1980 - ....) with the idea that fundraising activities that support charities can help to extend lives.

Students have already been asking where they can buy the Dash badges that AMID students have been seen wearing.

Mrs Brown said: "Students have decided who will take on each role and everything you would have in a company, we have a team to do it. They are running it on quite strict business lines.

"The students have picked up this idea and ran with it."

Art is being linked with DT by using famous artists' styles as inspiration for the products.

Tendar Simango, pictured with a prototype brooch based on Charles Rennie Mackintosh's distinctive style, said: "We're doing it to help one of our teachers, to raise awareness of cancer and to try to make a change.

"We are all getting into the project and are enjoying doing it."

Students are also helping to organise a Dash for Life, based on Race for Life, but for both girls and boys.