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Inspirational Kirsty Nominated For Teacher Of The Year Award

Students have written testaments outlining why they think Assistant Vice Principal Kirsty Farrar should win the Evening Telegraph’s Teacher of the Year Award.

Nominations for the newspaper's Education Awards 2011 are currently being submitted and CBA's librarians Amy McKay and Bernie Smith entered Mrs Farrar for the teaching award.

They said: "We feel that Kirsty should be nominated for Teacher of the Year because of her total commitment to our students.
"There is no such word as 'can't' to Kirsty; she not only inspires students, she also always puts her money where her mouth is, staying with students throughout their school years, encouraging and motivating them.
"Kirsty is a hands-on member of staff who gets involved in every aspect of academy life. She is fun to be around and is the first to offer help to other people.

"Kirsty devotes a lot of her own time running catch-up classes and one-to-one sessions for students who need a little extra help."

Mrs Farrar, pictured with an award she received for innovative use of IT, has been instrumental in making CBA's Children's University scheme the most successful in the county, with hundreds of students taking part in after-school clubs in order to 'graduate'.

She has also established links with an educational centre in Uganda and organises sixth formers to visit each year.

In addition, Mrs Farrar helped to introduce the Human Utopia project at CBA to improve students' self esteem and motivation.

Student Charlotte Bean said: "Words can't really express the colossal gratitude students hold for Mrs Farrar as there is nothing she won't do for a student. Mrs Farrar is the most devoted teacher I have ever met and no matter how busy she gets she will find time for you; whether it be a personal problem or you want some work marking.

"In the five years she has taught me she has been the most helpful, cheerful, motivated, funny and friendly teacher. Our grades have excelled whilst under the care of Mrs Farrar.

"I am proud I have met an inspirational women like her and any student taught by her is one of the luckiest in the country."

Sixth Former Connor Wilson said: "Kirsty Farrar is a fantastic teacher, mentor, person.  The flare she has for teaching is a wonderful rarity; whether it is keeping students engaged or being a friend to a child who is having trouble in whatever situation.

"With her bubbly, charismatic and funny personality she would bring a smile to the surliest of students."

A shortlist of nominees for Education Awards will be announced after the closing date at the end of this month and all finalists will be invited to a ceremony at the Holiday Inn in Corby on Wednesday, July 13.