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Artillery Soldier Visits 7HC

A soldier visited 7HC this term to give them an insight into life in the army.

The group of students have been studying World War 1 and what life was like for soldiers all those years ago. 

Dan Martin, a soldier from the 16th Regiment Royal Artillery, talked about his experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
He shared what life is like living many miles from home and the gruelling training regime required to keep him fit. 

Teacher Kim Isaksen said: "This was a fantastic opportunity for students to compare aspects of World War 1 with modern day conflicts.  They questioned what motivated men and women to join the army and discussed the development of weapons and vehicles - especially the Chinook helicopters.

"Each student had prepared a question to ask in order to find out more about modern army life. They were all fascinated by how significantly life has changed for soldiers since World War 1."