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Melbourne Band Marches Through Academy

An Australian band stopped off to play at CBA en-route to a celebration of Salvation Army bands at Buckingham Palace.

The Melbourne Staff Band performed a concert in the Academy's theatre before marching through the central mall, which was lined with students and staff.

The 40-piece band was in England as part of a tour to celebrate 120 years of International Salvation Army Brass Bands.

Their performance proved to be a huge hit with students and also provided a fitting celebration to the end of term and for some Year 11s, the end of their time at CBA.

Director of Music Clive Wears said: "I received a call last year from someone in Melbourne, Australia, asking whether we could host a visit from a brass band from Australia.  I didn't hesitate in agreeing. 

"The Melbourne Staff Band's tour culminated in a concert in the Albert Hall, a march down the Mall in London and finally a concert in Buckingham Palace.

"We were extremely fortunate in that on their way to Buckingham Palace they stopped at CBA, travelling 10,499 miles in the process.  While they were here, not only did they give a tremendous concert to all of our year 7 students, but they also performed something quite unique - the whole school made their way to the main mall for an impromptu concert."

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