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Awards Evening Celebrates Students' Efforts And Achievements

The dedication, skill and achievements of students were recognised at Corby Business Academy’s annual awards ceremony on Tuesday, July 12th.

Each faculty handed out awards for students' commitment and accomplishments before 22 main awards were handed out, for areas such as group work, citizenship, creative thinking, peer mentoring and enterprise.

Each of the main awards were sponsored by a company or organisation and students received their certificate, trophy and gift from representatives from the likes of Rockingham Speedway, Roquette, Corby Borough Council and RS Components.

Sponsored by Priors Hall Park, the top award of Student of the Year went to Sandro Moreira, in Year 11 (pictured).
He was nominated by a number of teachers for his sheer commitment to improving his grades and his attitude to his work.

Staff said Sandro has truly excelled this year and his confidence has grown. One example was given by Assistant Vice Principal Kirsty Farrar. She said at the beginning of the year he was achieving a low C grade in History. She advised him to work hard and he would get a B, so he did. He then worked relentlessly to improve his grade and eventually achieved a high B. Not happy with this, he has asked to re-sit this paper to now get an A.

Mrs Farrar said this showed the attitude CBA is encouraging in its students and it should be rewarded.

The ceremony also included performances by CBA's dancers and musicians and the keynote speaker was Duncan Mills, from Northamptonshire County Council. Duncan is the Strategic Planning Manager for schools and oversees the conversion of schools to academies.

CBA's Principal Andrew Campbell said: "It's been a wonderful year for Corby Business Academy. One of the highlights has been the excellent Ofsted report in January. The awards evening is a celebration of the talent of our young people and their commitment and determination to achieve. Anyone who is privileged enough to be here can be in no doubt that CBA is going from strength to strength.

"I was particularly pleased to be able to welcome Duncan Mills from Northamptonshire County Council as he's been an excellent friend of the Academy right from the planning stages."

Families and company representatives attended the ceremony, which was held in the Academy's theatre.

Click here to see photographs from the night. Photos are also available for students in the shared area, in the Photographs folder.

The winners:

Corby Radio Award for Effective Communication - ALICE HILL
(Presented by Des Barber from Corby Radio)

Northamptonshire Police Award for Independent Working - SOPHIE ROBINSON
(Presented by CBA's Police Community Support Officer, Alex Franklin)

Impress Award for Creative Thinking - CHARLIE BELL
(Presented by Surya Yadla from Impress)

Roquette Award for Managing Risk - LUKE REILLY
(Presented by Chris Scarrott)

Roquette Award for Green Issues - SANTA JANULYTE
(Presented by Chris Scarrott)

Office Impressions Award for Group Work - TYLER BUTLER
(Presented by Assistant Vice Principal Kirsty Farrar)

Children's University Award for Children's University - WILLIAM BELL
(Presented by Kirsty Farrar)

Igneous Award for Reflecting on Performance - STEPHANIE TINTO
(Presented by chair of governors, Kerry James)

Corby Borough Council Award for Citizenship - APRIL AITKIN
(Presented by the Mayor of Corby, Gail McDade)

The Mayor's Award for Community - RICHARD WHITE
(Presented by the Mayor of Corby, Gail McDade)

Rockingham Speedway Award for Science and Technology - DOMINICK DOLECKI
(Presented by Sarah Thompson)

Rockingham Speedway Award for Creative Design - The Go-Karting Team (received by Jack Blakey on behalf of the team)
(Presented by Sarah Thompson)

Corby Town Football Award for Active Achievement (Female) - ROHESIA WOOLLEY
(Presented by Ian Hopewell)

Corby Town Football Club Award for Active Achievement (Male) - JORDAN SPENCE
(Presented by Ian Hopewell)

Louise Bagshawe Award for Creative Writing - MATTHEW BELL
(Presented by CBA librarian and Carnegie judge Amy McKay)

Library Award - CHLOE HARVEY
(Presented by CBA librarian Amy McKay)

Corby Business Group Award for Enterprise - DASH TEAM (received by Joshua Turner on behalf of the Dash team)
(Presented by Ika Castka)

Corby Enterprise Centre Award for Peer Mentoring - CHRISSIE MOORE
(Presented by Stuart Hartley)

Parents in Partnership Award for the Spirit of CBA - AIMEE COY
(Presented by the chair of PIP, Holly Toseland)

RS Components Award for E-Commerce - DAVID GRAHAM
(Presented by Rachel Lansberry)

The Virtuosi GUS Brass Band Award - MYLES PETERS
(Presented by CBA's Director of Music Clive Wears)

Priors Hall Park Student of the Year Award - SANDRO MOREIRA
(Presented by Daniel Polak)