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French and Humanities Trip To Normandy

A five-day trip to Normandy helped students to practise their French and gave them a taste of life in another country.

The group's adventures included seeing the Bayeux tapestry, visiting Alligator Bay and a theme park and paying their respects at a World War Two cemetery.

Year 7 students Eve Pavitt and Emma Potter wrote this report on the trip:

I woke with such anticipation on the day we went to France. It was a long journey - when we got there we were tired but amazed by how big and beautiful the Château was. At Pointe du Hoc, we had fun running up and down the bomb craters. Jack hid in one of the bunkers and scared Mr Smith! Thousands of crosses at the American cemetery made me want to cry, then I found a gravestone with my family name in the British cemetery. Mont St. Michel was enchanting; the narrow cobbled streets of the village made me feel I was in medieval France. When we said goodbye to the Château and our lovely coach driver, everyone was devastated. Je ne sais pas pourquoi la France est si magnifique. It just is!'

'I loved everything about the French trip and I'm sure that everyone who went loved it too! The food was lovely; I even liked the snails and frogs' legs! We visited loads of exciting places, like the beach, which was really fun, although the sea was FREEZING! Mont Saint Michel has a massive cathedral and lots of shops - you could spend ages looking at the architecture and learning about the history. We visited lots of WW2 places and learned about the war at a 360 degree cinema. We found out how cider and apple juice is made, and even tasted varieties of juice.'

French Teacher Karen Turney, who organised the trip, said: "We are very proud of the students who were complimented on their excellent behaviour and manners - bravo!"

CBA's Principal Andrew Campbell even received an email from the group's coach driver, David Tobin, who said: "I must say they are the most polite, well-mannered children I have ever had the privilege to work with. They are a credit to your school and wonderful ambassadors; they were really interested in everything they were being shown, especially in the cemeteries of WW2.
"Over the years of driving international coaches I have carried thousands of children, teenagers and adults and without exception your pupils have been the best."

Click here to see photographs from the trip.