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Barbara Is National Memory Champion And New Record Holder

A Year 9 student excelled in the recent UK Schools National Memory Championships, setting a new record for the amount of numbers remembered in order.

Maths Teacher William Gourlay took three students - Julia Komor, Priyanka Kang and Barbara Silva - to London on Tuesday for the event at Southbank University. 

The competition consisted of four disciplines:

  • Random Word Test (15 minutes) and 15 minutes recall
  • Random Numbers (15 minutes) and 15 minutes recall
  • Historic and Future Dates (5 minutes) and 10 minutes recall
  • Playing Cards (5 minutes) and 5 minutes recall

All three girls had already qualified as the top three competitors in the CBA school memory competition, and went on to compete against the best students nationally. 
Mr Gourlay said: "All three students were outstanding on the day and competed superbly in all areas.

"To top off the trip Barbara (second left) became the National Champion and set a record by winning the random numbers discipline, with a massive 128 numbers remembered in sequence. Hopefully she will be able to go back next year and defend her crown."