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Get Involved With Radiowaves

Students are being encouraged to blog, share stories, thoughts, videos and photos on a CBA themed website.

The Radiowaves website hsd been re-launched and it is hoped it will become a vibrant social media environment for CBA students.

Gifted and Talented coordinator Claire Howsam (pictured), who is running the website said: "Radiowaves is a great way for students to share their thoughts and connect with other students.

"They can use it to discuss topics within class, share what they have been doing in their Session 4 Clubs, post their creative stories, share prom pictures - anything that is school related."

The website currently has 100 members and the aim is to reach the 500 member mark by the end of term.

Getting involved with Radiowaves is easy. There is a link on the homepage of the CBA website and students just need to sign in and then start blogging.

The weekly Philosophy For Children topical question (which is discussed during tutor time) is posted to the Radiowaves site so that students can express their thoughts.

They can also post stories on one of the channels - current pages include Uganda, School Senate and the Year 8 Enterprise day.

As well as acting as a place for students to upload stories and pictures, and blog, it is also going to be used as a Virtual Learning Environment where students can log ion to access their homework.

Currently GCSE and A Level Media students can log on to access the lesson notes and acquire extended homework questions.

There are also plans to roll it out to other subjects.

Eager students who want to have a more involved role with the website can become junior reporters.

Any students who are interested can contact Miss Howsam (based in COMMS).