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New Online Bus Booking System Launches

From January 16th students will have to book their afterschool bus online.

Any student who wants to stay for a Session 4 activity will need to log onto the CBA Central system and fill in the necessary details.

CBA central can be found on all PCs in the central area and students MUST book before 3.30pm otherwise they will have missed the deadline.

All students have been informed in assembly how to use the system and a handy guide is also available from student reception.

Admin manager Robbie Henderson said:  “Students should be aware that if you they have not booked a bus through CBA Central before 3.30pm they will be unable to get on any late bus home.  I would ask students to ensure they remember to book their bus if they intend to stay for any Session 4 Activity.”

The booking system is for those who want to stay after school ONLY. Students who will use the normal 3.30pm bus DO NOT need to use the CBA central system.