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E-Safety Talks

Students across all years have been taught about e-safety today (February 27th).

Caroline Moore, E-Safety officer from the Local Safeguarding Partnership Board, gave talks to each year group, explaining the things they have to do to make sure they stay safe on-line.

The officer went through various topics such as cyber bullying and internet grooming

and provided students with a guide on how to protect themselves.

She said: “Young people when using sites such as Facebook and other social media should only be engaging with people who they know in real life.

“I also say that they should give as little personal information as possible and don’t put things like email addresses or telephone numbers online.”

She added: “One of the biggest concerns is online bullying and I would tell anyone who has suffered from this to first of all tell a responsible adult.

“They should also get a copy of what has been said and block the bully as a friend.

“They can also keep a log and if threats have been made then people may have grounds to contact the police.”

A video about internet grooming was also shown to students.


Advice to parents:

  • Sit down with your child and go through who their friends are on sites such as Facebook. Insist they only ‘friend’ people they know in person and delete anybody they do not know.
  • Set yourself up on Facebook and ‘friend’ your own child so you can see who they are talking with and what they are posting.
  • Every couple of weeks post onto your own child’s Facebook wall so that if anyone suspicious is watching then they will be aware of your presence.
  • Place technology that allows access to the internet in a room downstairs so that you can keep an eye on the sites they are accessing.


Click here to access our own safety page which has more useful information and links to national organisations.