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A Gourmet Lesson

Year 7 French Students undertook a different type of assessment this term as they put their taste buds to the test.

French Teacher Candie Boni introduced Year 7 students to the food from her home country when she bought in a gourmet selection for them to taste.

Students tried produce from the famous French brand “Reflets de France”.

There were four types of cheese (including camembert and Tome de Savoie) as well as

rillette de porc (a type of paté) and saucisson (dried sausage).

For pudding, they tasted brioche de Nanterre, confiture de lait (milk jam), confiture de caramel and quatre-quarts (a kind of buttery sponge cake).

After sampling the food the students were asked to fill in a questionnaire, rating the foods in French.

Miss Boni said: “Most students found the cheeses a bit ‘too strong and smelly’ but they really loved the sweet things like the quatre-quarts and the spreads.  

“Some students even said they would ask their parents to get them some of these foods next time they go food shopping.”