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All Set for World Championships

World Champion Irish Dancers Rebecca and Roisin Curran are preparing for this year’s Championships.

The talented sisters, who train at the world famous Cary Academy of Irish Dance, are hoping to once again lift titles at the sport’s biggest event which is taking place in Belfast next month.

Year 7 student Rebecca is part of the Under 13 girls Figure Team and also the Under 13s Celildh and elder sister Roisin (Year 9) is part of the Under 16s Girls Figure Team.

The girls have been training hard since September, travelling to Birmingham (where the dance academy is based) up to three times a week and practising most evenings at home.

Roisin said: “We have been training really hard and so I hope we can do well again this year.

“We are both world champions and are hoping to repeat the success we have in 2010”.

Rebecca, said: “Being part of a group of 16 is a pressure but we have done lots of training so hopefully we will win again.”