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Foreign Language Spell Bee hosted on Wednesday

Final preparations are under way for the Foreign Language Spell Bee which is being hosted at Corby Business Academy on Wednesday. (March 28th).

More than 50 Year 7 students from a number of schools from across the region will be battling it out to make it to the national final of the spelling competition being held in July.

Run by Routes Into Language – a consortium of universities that works with schools and languages to promote language studies - this is the third national Modern Foreign Language competition.

As part of the competition students will have to spell as many words as they can in one minute using the foreign pronunciation of the alphabet. Students will be spelling in either French, Spanish or German and will have had to memorise more than 100 words.

Students will have made it through a class and school competitions before making it to this second last round. Four CBA Year 7 students are taking part.

Director of Modern Foreign Languages Karen Turney said: “It is an honour to be hosting the regional competition.

“This is the first time we have taken part and we wanted to get involved as we thought it would engage students to learn vocabulary in a new way.

“Memorising vocabulary is an essential skill in language learning and through the Spelling Bee students can compete with their peers in class or practise independently using a specially designed computer program.

“Learning a foreign language helps students learn more about their own language, boosts their communication skills and may enhance their employment prospects in the future.”