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Thomas Wins Place on Silverstone Racing Course

Year 11 student Thomas Jeffery has realised his dream and will be training to become a racing mechanic in Motor Sport Valley.

The student has used the experience gained as part of his vocational motor industry qualification to gain a place on the Foundation Race Technician Pre-Apprenticeship course being hosted at the country’s most famous racing circuit.

As part of the one-year course he will be learning engineering assembly skills for all parts of a race car, and will be in prime position to pick up an apprenticeship to a professional race team.

He said: “This is my passion. I just want to work in Motorsport, whether it be Formula one, Formula Three or World Rally.”

The talented student currently attends Rockingham Motor Speedway once a week and works with the local Lunar Racing Team.

The placement is part of his Institute of Motor Industry Level 2 qualification. In October, Thomas was part of a team that assisted at a Volkswagon Racing Cup event.

He said: “During the interview for the Silverstone course, the tutors were really impressed that I had practical knowledge and could already demonstrate that I had racing experience.

“I am so pleased that as part of my studies here at CBA I have had the opportunity to do this vocational qualification as I have learned a huge amount about racing mechanics, from how to look after the vehicles, to health and safety and what can happen to a race car when competing out on the circuit.”

In September 2013, one of the country’s first University Technical Colleges will open at the Silverstone.