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New Academy Senate holds its first meeting

The Academy’s brand new Senate members have held their first meeting.

The Academy’s brand new Senate members have held their first meeting.

The new Senate is made up of two representatives from each year group through from Year 7 to Year 11, plus two Sixth Form representatives and our Head Boy and Head Girl.

The new Senate representatives are:

Year 7 – Ellie Kyle and Joshua Rogers

Year 8 – Chloe Burton and Jack Green

Year 9 – Eve Pavitt and Ellie Wright

Year 10 – Robert Muir and Shannon Butler

Year 11 – Katherine Qualey and Bradley Thompson

Sixth Form - Andile Chiwuta, Morium Akter, Head Boy David Graham and Head Girl Ellie Mae Moore

The new Senate held its first meeting on Tuesday, October 2. One of the matters discussed was the need for a bus shelter on the public bus stop outside the Academy, a matter which the Senate is set to pursue.

The minutes from meetings of the Senate will be posted here.

Senior Assistant Principal Kirsty Farrar said: “I’m looking forward to working on some projects with our new Senate this year.

“At Corby Business Academy we want to encourage our students to be involved and to make a difference and the Senate is the perfect example of that.”

Year 9 student Eve Pavitt has been a member of the Senate since she joined the Academy and will complete her third year as part of the Senate this year. She said: “I enjoy putting peoples’ views across, getting their views registered and understood and getting things done.”

Joshua Rogers is one of the two Year 7 Senate members this year. He said: “I wanted to be a member of the Senate because I thought it would be interesting. I was over the moon when I found out I was going to be part of it.”

The next Senate meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 20. Before each Senate meeting Senate members will take part in Forum meetings with Form Representatives from their year group. They will then take items discussed at their Forum meeting forward to be discussed by the Senate.