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Ofsted inspectors praise our sixth form

Ofsted inspectors have praised our sixth form following their visit to Corby Business Academy in October.

Ofsted inspectors have praised our sixth form following their visit to Corby Business Academy in October.

The inspectors gave the school an overall ‘Good’ rating in a report of their findings which has just been published.

In the report comments made about the sixth form include:

“The sixth form is good. In the fourth year of its operation, teaching and learning are good and improving. It offers an increasingly wide choice of subjects to its students, who are making good progress”

“The sixth form is well led and managed”

“Learning and progress in the sixth form are good. Carefully chosen and varied activities promote independent thinking and enquiry well”

“All the students who applied gained places at their first choice universities”

“Teaching in the sixth form is good overall and the use of assessment is rigorous”

“Class sizes are generally small and teachers take advantage of this to provide personal interventions and challenge wherever possible”

“Sixth form students say they receive well-focused information, support and guidance. They note that their teachers are always willing to give individual help”

“Students in the sixth form have good opportunities to contribute to the academy, for example on the Academy Senate, as sports leaders, or as mentors to younger students”

Head of Sixth Form Kim Isaksen said: “The report recognises the impact of ongoing developments within the sixth form, especially our commitment to providing a broad range of extracurricular opportunities.

“Our success with students gaining places at first choice universities was also highlighted.

“Our sixth form aims to promote independent learning and this was also noted by the inspectors.

“I am extremely pleased that the inspectors recognised the growing success of the sixth form here at Corby Business Academy. Our staff and students should be proud of this achievement.”

Principal John Henrys said: “The Ofsted inspectors were impressed with the sixth form provision, particularly the level of personal support that the sixth formers get as a result of small group sizes.

“As the sixth form grows the range of qualifications is increasing, however the level of personal support will remain for the sixth form students.”

To read the full Ofsted report click here.