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Sixth Formers prepare for life after CBA at Curriculum Day

More than 100 Sixth Formers took part in a variety of activities designed to prepare them for life after Corby Business Academy.

More than 100 Sixth Formers took part in a variety of activities designed to prepare them for life after Corby Business Academy.

During Curriculum Day last Thursday, Year 12 and 13 students learned about university life, budgeting, how to drive safely and took part in mock interviews (pictured) conducted by business people.

Among the students who took part in the interviews were head boy Joshua Cresswell and head girl Megan Hogg.

Joshua said: “The day was an eye opening experience. It taught me how critical it is to research higher educational courses, as they are different at every university, and to examine them to see if they are suitable for me and tailored to my interests.

“The speed interview provided me with a formal experience of an interview and has taught me how important it is to read about the company, the job and how my characteristics and traits benefit the job."

Megan added: “The mock interviews built up my confidence for future interviews.”

The interviews were carried out by local business people, including representatives from R S Components and experts in communications, human resources, engineering and retail.

Representatives from the University of Leicester, De Montfort University in Leicester and the University of Nottingham also took part in the day.

The University of Leicester and De Montfort University ran presentations and workshops which introduced students to the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Service) system, budgeting skills and university life.

A student from the University of Nottingham also led a session which gave our students the chance to ask questions about the social, financial and academic aspects of university life. 

In addition, the Academy’s resident PCSO, Alex Franklin, delivered the Fatal 4 workshop to educate students on the dangers posed by use of alcohol, mobile phones or drugs while driving.

Head of Sixth Form, Kim Isaksen, said: “The day was a real mixture of activities to inspire students and help prepare them for the world of university or work.

“The Sixth Formers were an asset to CBA and presented themselves extremely well during the sessions and mock interviews.

“I would also like to thank the staff involved in making the day work in order to support our students move even closer to their future goals.”

During the next Curriculum Day, Sixth Form students will take part in activities focussing on shopping and cooking on a budget.

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