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Student bakers are of a 'professional standard'

The competition is hotting up in the kitchen in the Great BWT Bake Off.

The competition is hotting up in the kitchen in the Great BWT Bake Off.

Our enthusiastic student bakers are halfway through the contest and have so far made shortbread biscuits, scones and a tray bake during their first three challenges after school.

On Monday they will be given a baking masterclass on cupcakes before taking part in the cupcake baking challenge the following week.

Director of Design Technology Cath Davis said: “The students’ most recent challenge was the tray bake and we had some excellent entries. Some of them were of a professional standard.

“The students are really enjoying themselves and they’re becoming more adventurous with their baking.”

The students are judged in three areas – presentation, taste and hygiene – and can win up to 10 points in each area during each challenge.

Currently heading the Academy’s leaderboard is Rebecca Loveday, followed by Adam Short in second place and Tiegen Renwick in third place.

At the end of the competition all the points will be added up and CBA’s best bakers will go through to the grand final of the Bake Off where they will compete against the best young bakers from other Brooke Weston Trust schools.

To see pictures of the shortbread biscuits the students made in round one click here

To see photographs of the scones made in round two click here

(Pictured above is Rebecca’s rhubarb tray bake and below is Adam’s millionaire shortbread tray bake)