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Corby Business Academy recognises that staff and students within the school have the right to feel safe and secure and that Brooke Weston has a responsibility to keep everyone within its community safe from any form of bullying.

What is classed as bullying?

  • Deliberately humiliating others and making them feel bad about who they are
  • Cyber bullying (online bullying)
  • Verbal torments such as name calling or teasing
  • Peer on peer abuse
  • Exclusion from groups/activities (making people feel alone on purpose)
  • Using sexuality as an insult

What is bullying related to?

Bullying can be related to your:

  • Race, religion, culture or beliefs
  • Appearance
  • Sexual orientation
  • Special education needs if you have any
  • Disability if you have one
  • Home and family circumstances
  • None of the above

Bullying normally goes on for a period of time, rather than being a one off issue.

Brooke Weston will not accept any bullying behaviour from anyone within its community, whether the bullying happens on site or during school hours. Brooke Weston places great emphasis on the rights that students have to be able to study and learn effectively within a calm and safe environment. The Brooke Weston Trust bullying policy prevents and/or eliminates bullying whenever it appears.

Staff at Brooke Weston are very aware of what bullying is and are trained to detect the signs of bullying which may include:

  • Unwillingness to come to school
  • Withdrawn or isolated behaviour
  • Complaining about missing possessions
  • Refusal to discuss the problem
  • Easily distressed
  • Damaged or incomplete work

If a student is being bullied they should discuss it with their form tutor or another member of staff as they are encouraged to be vigilant and to intervene with the early stages of bullying.