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Child on Child Abuse

Child on Child Abuse

All adults should be aware that children can abuse other children (previously referred to as peer on peer abuse). It can happen both inside and outside of school/college and online. It is important that all adults recognise the indicators and signs of child on child abuse and know how to identify it and respond to reports.

Different Categories of Child on Child Abuse

  • Bullying (including cyberbullying, prejudice-based and discriminatory bullying)
  • Abuse in intimate personal relationships between peers;
  • Physical abuse which can include hitting, kicking, shaking, biting, hair pulling, or otherwise causing physical harm;
  • Sexual violence, such as rape, assault by penetration and sexual assault;
  • Sexual harassment, such as sexual comments, remarks, jokes and online sexual harassment;
  • Non-consensual sharing of nude and seminude images and/or videos;
  • Causing someone to engage in sexual activity without consent, such as forcing someone to strip, touch themselves sexually, or to engage in sexual activity with a third party;
  • Up-skirting, which typically involves taking a picture under a person's clothing without their permission, with the intention of viewing their genitals or buttocks to obtain sexual gratification or cause the victim humiliation, distress or alarm; and
  • Initiation/hazing type violence and rituals (this could include activities involving harassment, abuse or humiliation used as a way of initiating a person into a group and may also include an online element.

Tackling Child on Child Abuse

At Corby Business Academy we aim to ensure that all our students feel safe all the time. Following the changes to the Keeping Children Safe in Education for 2022. We have designed a specific holistic programme to combat Child on Child abuse within our academy. Through a tailored curriculum, increased staff CPD awareness and reporting framework, specific interventions will be implemented to support students, parents and carers. Our Student Care Team provide opportunities to work with external agencies if required to further develop student’s knowledge and understanding of Child on Child abuse and to educate them on behaving appropriately and respecting others.

Reporting Child on Child Abuse

At Corby Business Academy, we expect all students to feel safe in reporting any concerns at any time to any adult within the building. It is vital that information is shared quickly in order for the incident to be investigated. If students feel they are subjected to any peer on peer incidents, please contact the Student Care Team and Head of Years immediately.