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Drama (Performing Arts)


The Drama Curriculum at Corby Business Academy will instil a passion and understanding of theatre and performance for every student. We aim to stimulate an appreciation of drama and theatre as an art form and as a skill. In placing skills development at the core of each year, our students will be exposed to not only the technical aspects of theatre and subject specific language but a development of theatre and practitioner knowledge and an understanding of the skills needed to perform and engage an audience.

The curriculum will shape and develop performers and the technical understanding of performance.  It will enable students to read situations and work with varied individuals on a multitude of activities, developing their key skills and social understanding. We recognise the importance of nurturing a culture where students work together to problem solve and create, whilst using theory and understanding to guide and inform their decisions.  The students will be able to track the theatre and performance history and make informed links to plays, practitioners and script work. We want to inspire confidence in the art of speaking and listening, as well as focusing on the many transferable skills that Drama has to offer their wider curriculum and life as a whole.

Planning and delivery will develop a secure knowledge-base in performance, which follows a clear pathway of progression as they advance through the Academy. We believe that a secure basis in the transferable skills drama can offer is crucial to a high-quality education and will give our students the tools they need to participate fully as a member of society.

Students will also be exposed to aspirational academic and career-based opportunities, both in lessons and the wider curriculum. There is a commitment to ensure the transferable skills that comes with performance can be used for life and in many different career pathways.

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