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February 2014 - PNS Double & Triple Science Sets


February 2014


RE: Double & Triple Science Sets


Dear Parent/Carer

To support your child’s success in science we will be issuing your child with topic specific work books published by Oxford University press and giving them access the ‘doddle’ online revision site. 

In order to reduce costs to students and to ensure that they get the correct version of the guide for their course we would like to offer you the option of purchasing the revision guides for the 21st Century Science courses at a reduced rate of £2.00 per book.  If you would like to view the selection please visit the CGP website at:

If your child is following the double science programme they will need the both the OCR 21st century Core and Additional course revision guides. 

If your child is completing the triple science program, in addition to the Core and Additional revision guides, we also recommend the Extension science revision guide. 

Should you wish to purchase the guides through the school please complete the form below and return it to school along with the appropriate funds. If you are unsure about anything please ask your child to check with their science teacher.


Yours faithfully


L Smith

Vice Principal


Please return slip with payment to STUDENT RECEPTION

I would like to purchase for my child:


Name: ____________________________________________Form _____________

I enclose Cash/Cheque (made payable to Corby Business Academy) for £2.00 for each revision guide


Science teacher ___________________________ 

Core Science

Additional Science

Extension Science (triple science only)


Signature of parent _________________________________________________