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The Geography curriculum at Corby Business Academy will ensure that students appreciate the physical and human landscapes of this world; from the concrete jungles known as mega cities to the winding roads that rivers carve into landscapes. They will understand the inner depths of the dysfunctional jigsaw puzzle that we live on, ranging from the plate tectonics to the ever-growing heights of Mount Everest. We will allow students to have a clear view of issues that affect people around the world and empower them to both justify their views and make decisions.

Geography studies will take students on a journey of geographical investigations, to gain knowledge of what places are like now, understand how the past has influenced our present and how it might shape the future. Planning and programmes of study will also allow students to learn how to vocalise their opinions to create arguments and understanding using geographical vocabulary.

Lessons will create curiosity and give students the foundation to make a difference in the ever-changing world we live in. Guidance towards academic and career-based pathways will be embedded within learning experiences, and the wider curriculum, thus ensuring students a acquire a passion for Geography.

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Learning Plans: