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June 2014 - TimelyAdvice: Successfully Providing Careers Advice and Guidance


TimelyAdvice:  Successfully Providing Careers Advice and Guidance




We have been working closely with year 11 and sixth form students, helping them to identify their strengths and interests and decide on a future pathway.  Timely Advice would like to re-assure parents/carers and students that we are still around to support them, even when they have left the Academy. We work all year round, during the summer holidays, on results days and afterwards.  We also keep in touch after the start of the new term to make sure that everyone is settled in their chosen pathway.

All students who are in the process of completing their studies at Corby Business Academy this year have made definite plans for next year, subject to obtaining the required grades in GCSE, BTEC and A Levels. Most students are happy with their plans, but sometimes plans and ideas change.  This isn’t a problem as we can support students to explore new options and make late applications. 

We are sure you are aware that there is now a legal requirement for young people to remain in learning until they are 18, either in a school or college environment, or in the work place through a recognised training or apprenticeship programme.  Students can no longer leave and walk into any job, even if they can find one!

We are very happy to answer any questions or discuss any concerns that parents may have.  Just give us a call or drop us an email for advice or information.

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