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October 2011 Dictionary for GCSE Spanish Course - K Turney - BHE

October 2011


Dear Parent/Carer


Re. Dictionary for GCSE Spanish Course


The Academy has the opportunity to purchase Spanish-English, English-Spanish dictionaries, on behalf of students. They are published by Oxford University Press and are available for £4.50, 50% of the recommended retail price. A dictionary is essential for homework and preparation for controlled assessments and is used during the writing controlled assessment. We recommend the 'Oxford Learner's Spanish Dictionary' as it contains helpful verb tables and information about Spanish grammar.


If you prefer to purchase a dictionary yourself, they are available online at a reasonable cost. The Collins Easy Learning Spanish Dictionary is also recommended as it also has certain extra features which are useful for controlled assessments.


If you would like to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase an OUP dictionary, please return the slip below to student reception, with cash or cheque, payable to Corby Business Academy by Thursday 20th October.


If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me at the Academy by 'phone or email


Yours faithfully


Karen Turney


Karen Turney

Director of Subject, Modern Foreign Languages




Please return slip to Student Reception with payment


Re. Dictionary for GCSE Spanish Course - K Turney - BHE


I wish to purchase an Oxford University Press Spanish-English, English-Spanish dictionary.


 I enclose £4.50 cash/ cheque made payable to Corby Business Academy.



Student Name: ______________________________________________ Tutor Group: ______________



Signed ____________________________________________ (parent/carer)