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Our Values

Commit          Believe           Achieve

Our values at Corby Business Academy have been chosen by our students and are based on a vision of what they wish the Academy to represent.

This resulted in the new academy values being able to express a basic model of success, as well as a mantra that can be related to in all situations or challenges.

The new values also coincide with the Academy abbreviation of ‘CBA’, they are as follows:


Commitment is a human trait that drives success and enables progress. This value represents the importance to commit towards education and make positive contributions towards the Academy each day. It embodies the significance of a positive approach towards life and establishing a foundation to accomplish anything.


Belief enables the confidence to approach any situation with determination. It promotes a ‘can do’ attitude and encourages resilience. This value epitomises character, which empowers students to approach learning without a fear of failure. It is important that young people believe they will accomplish both short term tasks and long term ambitions.


Achievement is motivational and a recognition that progress has been made. To achieve a positive outcome displays an ability to develop and show personal, or collective, growth. Whether it is academic, creative or emotional development, achievement allows an acknowledgement of progress and excellence.