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September 2011 Year 10 GCSE Drama Course

September 2011


Dear Parent/Carer


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome your child to the GCSE Drama course and make you aware of the expectations of the course. This is an excellent course to help build skills such as teamwork, communication, participation, creativity, confidence, sensitivity and empathy; beneficial to many careers and further education.


What to expect:


Your child will be expected to keep a learning diary. They will bring the learning diary home after each lesson and complete the relevant homework. In drama the homework will relate to the lesson they have taken part in, therefore it is always best to complete the homework at the first possible opportunity after the lesson in order to achieve the best outcome. Homework will be on a weekly basis and may consist of written work, line learning or session 4 group rehearsals.


Session 4 activities and rehearsal s outside of lesson time are imperative to the study of drama. To ensure your child gains the best possible result for themselves and their group, a level of commitment to extra-curricular rehearsals is required.


I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the trip to see Lovesong at Warwick Arts centre on 19th October. This will be a great opportunity for your child to see an example of remarkable physical theatre and letters are available to your child from me.


There will be others trips happening over the year, including an English trip to see Blood Brothers which is also very beneficial to Drama as they study the play in both subjects. The more live theatre your child is able to see the better their experience they can bring back and share in the classroom.


I look forward to teaching this course to your child and anticipate an excellent result.


Yours sincerely


Vicky Clements


Vicky Clements

Drama Tutor