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Sixth Form

The Sixth Form is characterised by:

  • Our SMART ethos and culture – all students should represent the 5 core values of the Sixth Form by being: Studious, Motivated, Ambitious, Resilient and Technological. 
  • High aspirational targets for all students, including their academic outcomes, enrichment activities and destinations.
  • Close monitoring and information to ensure high quality levels of achievement.
  • Student leadership is inspiring, and being role-models for, all students in our Academy.
  • Rigorous and innovative standards of teaching and learning.
  • Structured academic, emotional, and wellbeing support to enable all students to achieve their maximum potential.
  • Independent, high quality career education and guidance, so that students are encouraged to aim high.
  • A range of enrichment opportunities to promote personal, spiritual and cultural development.
  • A collective Sixth Form approach to studying skills based on the VESPA approach, developing a growth mindset for all students.