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Sixth Form Attendance Policy

Corby Business Academy Sixth Form Attendance and Punctuality Policy.


The Sixth Form Team acknowledge the essential role that good school attendance plays in academic and personal development for Post 16 students. All A-level courses are intensive and students cannot afford to miss valuable teaching and study time. Consistent high levels of attendance and excellent punctuality are characteristics of students who achieve above or in-line with their potential, as represented in our Sixth Form SMART ethos.

Research shows that poor attendance and punctuality have a serious and detrimental effect on outcomes.

  • Attendance falling below 95% has been shown to result in an average reduction of one grade at A level per subject.
  • Attendance falling below 90% has been shown to result in an average reduction of two grades at A level per subject. 

The Sixth Form attendance and punctuality policy is designed to support the best possible outcomes for all our students.  As well as timetabled lessons, students also have non-contact periods on their timetables for private study and independent work. An exemplary record of attendance says a huge amount about the student as a person: that they are dedicated, well-motivated, organised and someone who takes their responsibilities seriously.

Responsibility for monitoring attendance

'In September 2015, amendments to section 7 of the Education Act require children to continue in education or training until their 18th birthday.  If a child is registered in the School Sixth Form, it is the parents who have the primary responsibility for ensuring that their child attends regularly.'

The Sixth Form Team have a responsibility to maintain and improve Sixth Form attendance.  The Student Care and Attendance Team monitors registers and attendance and informs the Head of Sixth Form who students have a low or falling attendance.  The Sixth Form Team will follow up with the following actions:


If a student arrives late to school (after 8.50am) or arrives late to a lesson they will be initially spoken to by their form tutor.  If no improvement is seen, parents will be contacted by one of the Sixth Form Team. Persistent lateness will require the student and parents/carers to have a meeting with the Head of Sixth Form to form a support plan and may ultimately lead to the student losing their place in the Sixth Form.

Illness/Family Emergency

In the case of an unplanned absence, parents/carers are expected to notify the Academy each day of their child’s absence. This can be done on Edulink, the online platform. They will be asked to give a reason for their absence. The Form Tutor will contact home on the first day of absence if the school has not received notification from a parent/carer via email or Edulink. If no contact has been made by the parent/carer by the third day of absence, an email will be sent home from the Head of Sixth Form. If there has been no response to the email from the parent/carer, the Sixth Form Team may make a home visit.

Authorised Absence

Students requiring authorisation for a planned absence (such as a medical appointment or University Open Day) are required to give evidence at least three days before the absence. This can then be authorised by the Student Care and Attendance team. Students are encouraged where possible to make medical or dental appointments outside of school hours. 

Driving Lessons

Students will be given permission to attend driving lessons during non-contact periods under the following conditions:

  • Permission has been requested at least 3 days before the driving lesson.
  • The lesson takes place during a non-contact period, not a timetable lesson, study session or any other academic/enrichment commitment.
  • Attendance is above 90% and punctuality is good.


A day of religious observance by the religious body to which the pupil's parent/carer belongs will be authorised if requested.

Family Holidays

As per our whole-school attendance policy, term time holidays will not be approved in the Sixth Form and applications for them will be declined.