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Student Senate

Lily May Butler

Mille Piper

Scarlett Morgan

Joe Cochrane

Olivia McGillycuddy

Octavian Verescu

Ashton Rouche

Bailey Tripp

Jordan Melulle

Jorja Risby

Ionut Hrusca

Sergejs Nikulins

Jessica Haggart

Grace Hadley

Shannon Adair

Jake Forsyth

Keira Indie - walker

Mia McCrossan

Luka Gallagher

Millie Wood

Macey Cook

Luchia Beazeley

Summer Androsiuk

Abigail McNicol

Ruby Henderson

Zach Firth

Judith Hoksa

Lemuela -Balagun - Williams

Vlad Alexa

Harry Bowden

Ashton Turney

James Cowley

Anthony Kun

Peter Davis

Ollie Braybrooke

Ben Lattimore

What do we discuss in our Student Senate meetings? By Joe Cochrane

The Student Senate meetings give us a chance to culminate the ideas given in form sessions, of ways to improve the Academy. We can then present them to the rest of the Student Leaders and take the discussed ideas to members of the Senior Leadership Team. These meetings give us a chance to incorporate students’ ideas into the way in which the school is run.

Characteristics of being in Senate by Camille

There are many characteristics which go into making a senate team. All together we share a passion for being proud to represent our school and community, and we all have a positive attitude which makes a perfect senate member. Furthermore, being charismatic and by having a good heart, being selfless and helping those around us is what we pride ourselves in doing and the teachers push each member to be the very best that we can. Being able to take criticism well, enable us to never give up on what we do as a team. The charities we raise money for allowing us to have a sense of accomplishment knowing we helped those who may be struggling. Anyone can be a Senate member; they just must be determined and enthusiastic about being part of the Academy and helping those around them. 

Interviewing staff- by Millie Wood and Mia Mccrossan

As part of the student senate, we interview new potential teachers to give them an insight into how their teaching will be perceived by students. This also helps get another interviewer point of view, to give a balanced judgment and to be able to take all accounts into consideration. The candidates also have the chance to ask the Senate about the school and what it is like to be a student here. We enjoy doing these interviews, as this gives us a chance to have a say in who could be teaching us in the future.

Children in Need –by Millie and Zoe

As a member of the Student Senate, we took part in raising money for Children in Need. We organised stalls and various activities to give people a chance to donate. Students were encouraged to bring £1 each in exchange for a school non-uniform day. Members of the Senate were able to go

To different year groups and help them to raise money. The Senate counted all donated money from the multiple year groups, with the Academy raising a total £1870.04.


Macmillan's coffee morning by Sully

Earlier in the academic year, the sixth form student leaders organised and ran a charity coffee morning for Macmillan cancer research. Students from across the school donated not only cakes for teachers and students alike to enjoy, but also items for the raffle. We were able to make those around us smile and realise how important it was to promote such a positive message. The team raised £207 through this event.

Remembrance Day by Darius

The Student Senate also took part in organising a Remembrance Day ceremony to reflect on the lives sacrificed in past wars. The Senate organised the memorial, including preparing the poem readings, laying the poppy wreath and helping the school’s Combined Cadet Force to run a Remembrance Day service. Students and teachers from across the school gathered round the central mall to show their respect, and the service was filmed, to be shown to the younger years during next year’s Remembrance Parade.