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Teaching and Support Staff

Simon Underwood - Principal

Ralph Franklin - Vice Principal 
Operations & Reporting, Data and Key Stage 5

Lisa Hawkins - Vice Principal
Quality of Education

Kerry Prior - Vice Principal
Standards, Attendance and Safeguarding

Heidi Bird - Assistant Principal
Raising Standards Leader for Year 10, ECT / Professional Tutor, Student Senate / Stakeholders 

Amy Harris - Assistant Principal
Safeguarding, Student Care and Attendance

Charlie Gavin - Assistant Principal
Quality Assurance, Staff Development, T&L Lead Teacher

Heather Thompson - Assistant Principal 
Raising Standards Leader KS3, KS3 Transition, HAP's Strategic Lead KS3

Laurence Woodcock - Assistant Principal
Raising Standards Leader for Year 11, EVC Lead, HAP's Strategic Lead KS4 

Kelly Herbert - Associate Assistant Principal
KS3 Behaviour, Climate and Culture

Natasha Barstow - Associate Assistant Principal
KS4 Behaviour, Climate and Culture

Amy Harris - Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead

Francia Dickinson - Mainstream SENCo

Claire Robinson - Unit Manager

Donna Lapsley - Senior Student Support Officer

Phoebe Brogan - Student Support Officer

Michelle  Bruce - Student Support Officer

Jennifer Christison - Student Support Officer

Elliot Hanna - Attendance Officer

Alisha Campbell - School Counsellor

Fern Gibson - Careers Leader

Steve Coles - PSCO

Leanne Ashley - Assistant Head of Year 7

                                                       Yassine Elhasbaoui - Head of Year 8                                              
Tom Peacock - Head of Year 9

Shannon Sutton - Head of Year 10

Natasha Barstow - Head of Year 11

Jess Martin - Assistant Head of Year 11

Matthew Smith - Head of Sixth Form

Mark Brooks - Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Faculty Staff 

Alison Bagnall

Loren Brown

Donna Coleman

Lee Dickinson

Jennifer Dunn

Marcia Everett

Julie Forsyth

Diane Gilfillan

Shirley Higgins

Kirsty Johnson
Magdalena Kwiecinska

Christina Mangin 

Danielle Markham

Linda McCracken
Anne Meek

Jessica Mullan

Angel Powell
Una Shackleton

Lorraine Sinclair

Bernadette Smith

Lucy Sturrock
Patrcya Szjnocha

Suzanne Thoirs

Anuruddika Wanigasekara

Vivenne Wayman (Nuture)

Amanda King (Nurture)

Morag Wood