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Teaching and Support Staff

Simon Underwood - Principal


Kerry Prior - Senior Vice Principal

(Standards, Attendance and Safeguarding)


Ralph Franklin - Vice Principal

(Operations & Reporting, Data and Key Stage 5)


Katie Page - Vice Principal

(Quality of Education)


Natasha Barstow - Assistant Principal

(KS4 Behaviour Climate and Culture)


Heidi Bird - Assistant Principal

(Raising Standards Leader for Year 10, ECT / Professional Tutor, Student Senate / Stakeholders)


Hannah Docherty - Assistant Principal

(Quality Assurance, Staff Development)


Amy Harris - Assistant Principal

(Safeguarding, Student Care and Attendance)


Kelly Herbert - Assistant Principal

(KS3 Behaviour, Climate and Culture)


Heather Wilson - Assistant Principal

(Raising Standards Leader KS3, KS3 Transition, HAP's Strategic Lead KS3)


Laurence Woodcock - Assistant Principal

(Raising Standards Leader for Year 11, EVC Lead, HAP's Strategic Lead KS4)


Amy Harris - Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead

Francia Dickinson - Mainstream SENCo

Claire Robinson - Unit Manager

Donna Lapsley - Senior Student Support Officer

Kayleigh Stevenson - Senior Student Support Officer

Michelle Bruce - Student Support Officer

Elliott Hanna - Attendance Officer

Alisha Campbell - School Counsellor

Fern Gibson - Careers Leader

Steve Coles - PSCO

Leanne Ashley - Assistant Head of Year 7
Yassine Elhasbaoui - Head of Year 8
Tom Peacock - Head of Year 9
Shannon Sutton - Head of Year 10
Natasha Barstow - Head of Year 11
Jess Martin - Assistant Head of Year 11
Matthew Smith - Head of Sixth Form
Mark Brooks - Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Faculty Staff 

Nigel Jones - Director of Art and Photography

Clive Wears - Director of Music

Kelly Herbert - Teacher of Art, Textiles and PSHE

Laurence Woodcock - Teacher of Media Studies

Matthew Smith - Teacher of Music

Simon Porter - Teacher of Design Technology

Deborah Reilly - Food Technician

John Barr - Design Technology Technician

Dr Fiona Rowe - Head of History
Jordon Joseph - Head of Geography
Jess Martin - Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Ralph Franklin - Teacher of Business Studies, History and Mathematics
Hannah Docherty - Teacher of Business Studies
Alex Allan - Teacher of Business Studies
Heidi Bird - Teacher of Geography
Matthew Gurnhill - Teacher of Geography
Abigail Ismay - Teacher of Geography
Daniel Hall - Teacher of History
Erin Eldred - Teacher of History
Sylvette Amoah-Agyei - Teacher of French
Jackie Weir - Teacher of French
Suzanne Ireland - Teacher of Spanish
Laura Bond - Director of English
Sinead Meehan - Literacy Lead and Teacher of English
Faye Bichener - Assistant SENCo and Teacher of English
Katie Page - Teacher of English
Louise Beaton - Teacher of English
William McCormick - Teacher of English
Enya Pace - Teacher of English
Autumn Rose - Teacher of English
Eleanor Brunning - Teacher of English
Megan Jones - Lead Teacher of Drama
Francia Dickinson - Lead Teacher of Dance
Lucy Crane - Teacher of Health & Social Care and English
Natasha Barstow - Teacher of Health & Social Care and Sport
Amy Harris - Teacher of Health & Social Care and Sport
Yassine Elhasbaoui - Teacher of Religion, Philosophy & Ethics, Drama and PSHE

Martin Corbishley - Director of Computer Science and ICT

Urvish Patel - Head of Maths

Michael Mpieri - Assistant Head of Maths

Heather Wilson - Teacher of Maths

Mark Brooks - Teacher of Maths

Alexandra Curtis - Teacher of Maths

Andrew Duncan - Teacher of Maths

Sungano Muchinga - Teacher of Maths

Benjamin Warner - Teacher of Maths

Tapuwa Muchinga - Teacher of Maths

Paul Wilson - Teacher of Maths

Joseph Mahese - Teacher of Computer Science

Louise Davison, Karen Hearne - Head of Science

Deirdre O'Brien - Head of Biology

Ben Dickens - Head Of Physics

William Roberts - Teacher of Physics

Gweneth Taylor - Teacher of Science

Alastair Dias-Dougan - Teacher of Science

Grace Coleman - Teacher of Science

Thomas Peacock - Teacher of Science

Marya Osman - Teacher of Psychology

Patrick Hallam - Head of Physical Education

Natasha Barstow - Teacher of Physical Education

Amy Harris - Teacher of Physical Education

Shannon Sutton - Teacher of Physical Education

Taylor Scully - Teacher of Physical Education

Alfie O'Sullivan - Teacher of Physical Education

Jenny Baker - Senior Science Technician

Nadine Long - Science Technician

Claire Robinson (Manager of Unit Provision)

Caren Brown (Assistant Manager of Unit Provision)

Clare Bennett (Assistant Manager of Unit Provision)

Julie Loake - Teacher of Unit Provision

Sandra Simmonds - Teacher of Unit Provision

Richard White - Teacher of Unit Provision

Jessica Mullan - Teacher of Unit Provision

Nicola Clark - Teacher of Unit Provision

Victoria Osborne - Teacher of Unit Provision

Liana Palombi - Teacher of Unit Provision

Katey Stanion - Teacher of Unit Provision

Christina Mangin - Teacher of Unit Provision

Donna Coleman - Teaching Assistant

Shestine Campbell - DSP Assistant

Tammy Lawrence - DSP Assistant

Loren Brown - DSP Assistant

Vicky Thompson - DSP Assistant

Michelle Wooton - DSP Assistant

Jennie Burke - DSP Assistant

Una Shackleton - DSP Assistant

Jennifer Dunn - DSP Assistant

Anne Meek - DSP Assistant

Linda McCracken - DSP Assistant

Sachin Mathivanan - Supported Study

Danielle Markham - Inclusion Lead

Angel Powell - Inclusion Assistant

Lorraine Sinclair - Curriculum Support Officer

Kirsty Johnson - Curriculum Support Officer

Marcia Everitt - Curriculum Support Officer

Patrycja Szajnocha - Curriculum Support Officer

Julie Forsyth - HLTA

Bernadette Smith - Teaching Assistant

Alison Bagnell - Teaching Assistant

Suzanne Thoirs - Teaching Assistant

Shirley Higgins - Teaching Assistant

Morag Wood - Teaching Assistant

Bernadette Smith - Teaching Assistant

Kornelia Klosok - Teaching Assistant

Lee Dickinson - Teaching Assistant

Diane Gilfillan - Teaching Assistant

Magdalena Kwiecinska - Teaching Assistant

Lucy Sturrock - Teaching Assistant

Joanne Duncan - Teaching Assistant

Tanisha Reynolds - Teaching Assistant

Amanda King - SEN Teaching Assistant

Vivienne Wayman - Nurture Teaching Assistant