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Unit Provision

The Unit Provision is where some students with an Education Health Care Plan and additional needs are taught. There is also a place-­limited ASD base to support students with an Education Health Care Plan whose needs mean they are unable to access mainstream education. When appropriate, inclusion into mainstream is supported and students access whole school events and the tutor programme. Classes are taught by specialist teachers, who provide highly differentiated lessons and multi­sensory approaches, to address the needs of all. Older students are able to experience off­site activities and, if appropriate, attend college for one day a week which gives them a taste of life outside school and helps to prepare them for the world beyond. 

Welcome from the Principal

The UNIT provision at Corby Business Academy is element we are rightly very proud of and reflects the inclusive nature of our educational offer.

The personalised curriculum and preparation for life ethos enables our students to experience daily opportunities for subject knowledge, skills and personal development; this includes preparation for life, careers and enabling targeted pathways that are appropriate for each individual.

Our specialist staff have a wealth of experience in Special Educational Needs and take pride in offering a provision that allows each child to progress, both academically and holistically.

Students can access a range of facilities both within the specialist faculty and in the mainstream of the Academy building, with opportunities to work with a range of staff throughout many subject areas.

Strong links within community and external professional agencies also allow students and families to access appropriate services that contribute to individual needs or areas of required support.

Accreditation and subject based qualifications are flexible according to students’ progression and desired outcomes. These are consistently monitored to allow curriculum planning that is bespoke to individual students and their differing levels of development.

Yours sincerely

Mr S. Underwood


Welcome from the Unit Manager

Welcome to the Unit Provision at Corby Business Academy, we are a provision for 75 young people with a range of learning difficulties including cognition, communication and autism. 

Thank you for your interest in our website.  We hope the information provided will help you find out more about our provision.

Our students learn in a nurturing, inclusive and caring environment where they follow an aspirational and personalised curriculum.  We are a close-knit and supportive staff team who are dedicated to meet individual student need.

The curriculum provides students with breadth of both academic and life skills-based learning.  Dependent on student levels we offer a range of different pathways and accreditation.  Our students access a range of opportunities dependent on their individual pathway including Northamptonshire SEND sporting activities, work experience and off-site visits into the local community.  These compliment the academic curriculum and develop functional skills, preparing our students for adulthood and lifelong learning. 

I feel extremely proud of our Unit Provision; it is inspirational to see the personal development and growth students achieve as they transition through the key stages. 

We look forward to working in partnership with you and value your interest, support and feedback. 

Should you require further information then please do not hesitate to contact me:

Yours sincerely

Mrs C. Robinson
Unit Manager