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Art (Photography)


The photography curriculum places an emphasis on a combination of knowledge, skills and understanding through progressive levels of independence and decision making. Ensuring that students understand how photography interacts with the changing world around them. The intent is for all students to become creative individuals through practical, task-oriented course filled with creative approaches to making photographs that will help students develop their camera skills as a means of imaginative self-expression. Students will learn important skills such as, how to confidently use industry standard software such as Photoshop for digital editing and presentation of photographs, produce a portfolio of work based on a series of creative topics, complete a series of practical photo shoot challenges to help broaden their perceptions of the world they inhabit, developing their creative thinking, communication skills and visual understanding and finally learn how to express their ideas, opinions and thoughts visually and in writing.

The Art and Photography department work to ensure no door is closed to any student. We cater to all needs and abilities by teaching a variety of GCSE based project aim to encourage all forms of self-expression. We want all of our students to engage with our subject and experiment with different techniques and mediums in order to express themselves in a confident manner. We fully encourage students to develop a creative style and inspire future photographers, artists, graphic designers and illustrators. Our goal is for students to leave our department well prepared for the next stage of their educational/work journey, by developing student’s photographic knowledge, building key skills and developing creative thinking.

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