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Design and Technology


Design and Technology is a multi-disciplined and fully engaging pursuit with creativity at its core. Drawing on human interaction with our aesthetic and built environments. This develops creativity and a strong and wide-ranging curriculum using existing and newly developed technological processes. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills, concepts and the technical capability to express their ideas this through a wide range of media.  Working from ideas to sketches through to modelling and materials shaping students will develop special competences and an improved mathematical grasp of number and its place in the world of Design.

Design stimulates creativity and imagination and provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences. It inspires a unique way of understanding and responding to the ever-changing world.

The diverse curriculum relies upon inquiry and creative practice that incorporates a broad spectrum of disciplines and cognitive processes. Students will investigate a range of common and unfamiliar contexts and focus areas to allow them to develop a deeper understanding of the uses of criteria in designing products for other people.  Design and its associated technologies are supported by academic rigour. Through the physical manipulation of media and materials students will be able to add to their vocabulary and be more able to interact with the society they enter as young adults.

The breadth of potential career opportunities and further study is enormous and has far reaching implications for local, national and the international community.


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