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Year 6 to 7 Transition

Hello and welcome to Corby Business Academy’s Year 6 into 7 transition page.

If your child has been offered a place in Year 7 at Corby Business Academy for September 2020, this page should provide you with all the information you will need, as well as answering any questions you might have. Here at the Academy, we recognise that the more information we can provide for students, parents and carers, the smoother and less stressful the transition process will be in these strange times. We will endeavour to update the webpage at regular intervals.

In this area, you will have access to a Transition video where your child will be introduced to key members of staff involved with Year 7 and be taken on a tour of the Academy. A copy of our Transition booklet will also be available for you to read.

On a weekly basis, a newsletter will be uploaded, detailing the various transition activities that are planned as well as a recorded ‘Episode’ from Mr Hallam, Head of Year 7.  Tutors will be introduced as part of the weekly episode and their profiles available shortly afterwards. Following the release of the final newsletter and episode, you will receive an email informing you of which tutor group your child has been placed in.

Here at the Academy, we realise that it’s valuable to hear from the student in their own words and as such, please encourage your child to complete the student questionnaire, no later than 3rd July 2020 by clicking here: CBA Student Questionnaire. As part of this questionnaire, students are able to select the names of two people they work well with and we will try to keep them with someone they know in their tutor group.

Each year, Corby Business Academy is delighted to promote a ‘Big Read’ and this year is no different. Please click on the appropriate tab for access to ‘The Book of Hopes’ which can be accessed free of charge and an accompanying activity booklet which we hope students will engage in over the summer.

If your child is joining our Unit Provision, please look at this tab to access additional information and resources related specifically to the Unit.

Unfortunately, no new school year is complete without several forms to complete and these can be found in the tab ‘Forms’. Please complete these as soon as possible.

We are delighted that you have chosen Corby Business Academy for the next stage of your child’s educational journey and meeting you all face to face in the near future.

If you have any queries about any of this information or the transition process generally, please do not hesitate to contact me via email:

Yours sincerely

Ms H. Thompson
Assistant Principal



Our Welcome Booklet will be uploaded here shortly. 

Year 6 to 7 Welcome Booklet
Academic Year 2020-2021 

Each week a newsletter will be added here. Click on the links below to view the newsletter.

26/06/20 - Newsletter 

02/07/20 - Newsletter

09/07/20 - Newsletter

17/07/20 - Newsletter

Each week a new video will added here. Click on the links below view each episode.

26/06/20 - Episode 1



02/07/20 - Episode 2



09/07/20 - Episode 3



17/07/20 - Episode 4




You can find out more about the Year 7 Tutor Team Corby Business Academy by clicking on the profiles below. Read all about their interests, what they teacher and where to find them in the Academy.


                      Ms Heather Thompson                                                     Mr Patrick Hallam
                             Year 7 SLT Link                                                                 Head of Year 7

Letters from students attending Corby Business Academy can be found below and will allow you to find out more about the Academy from the view of the students.

May's Letter

Mia's Letter

Ola's Letter

Please view letters regarding Year 6 to Year 7 transition below. 

06/05/20 - Welcome Letter

26/06/20 - Transition Information and Communication Letter

Links to any forms parents and carers are required to complete before their child starts Year 7 at the Academy in September 2020 will be upload here. Please ensure all forms are completed no later than Friday 3rd July 2020.

Policies and Agreements
Please ensure you read the below Agreement Policies before complete the Parent/Carer and Student Agreement Form:
Home School Agreement Policy
Transport Agreement Policy
Photographic and Media Consent Agreement Policy
IT Acceptable Use Agreement Policy

To agree to the above policies please complete the form below:
Parent/Carer and Student Agreement Form

Data Form
Corby Business Academy and the Local Education Authority are required under Data Protection legislation to comply with essential good practice in respect of information collected here and manage it securely.  The individuals who are the subject of the information and are encouraged to help keep information up to date.  This information will be used for educational, welfare, planning and managerial purposes. Please complete the Data Form by clicking on the link below. Please ensure all pages are fully and clearly completed and that the document is signed and dated at all relevant points:
Data Form

To find out more about the uniform your child will require for September please view our Uniform page here. To order uniform from our suppliers please click here.

Bus Application
To apply for a bus for your child please click here. To find out more about the bus number and route your child requires please click here to view our bus information page.

Student Questionnaire
To support students' transition to Year 7, we ask that new students complete a questionnaire:
CBA Student Questionnaire

Students are able to select the names of two people they work well with and we will try to keep them with someone they know in their tutor group.

Below you will find a range of resources specifically designed for new Year 7 students starting in our Unit Provision in September. There is a document to help students become more familiar with the school building and staff before they start, a document to help students understand social distancing, Local Authority support information and information about the Unit Provision's Weekly Challenges.







Each year, the Academy holds a transition reading challenge for new Year 7 students joining the Academy in September. This year, the Academy have based the challenge around 'The Book of Hopes', written to inspire and entertain children in lockdown. The book features a selection of short stories, poems and extracts. An electronic copy of the book can be accessed by clicking on the book cover or book title below this.  Students are encouraged to read all, or some, of the book and complete activities based based on the book over the summer holidays. More information about the book and activities can be found in the booklet below, please click the booklet cover or title below to view this. Over the coming weeks videos of various members of staff reading extracts of the book will also be uploaded here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Academy's Librarian Amy McKay:

 The Book of Hopes

The Book of Hopes -
Corby Business Academy Transition Reading Booklet 

Amy McKay - Librarian



 Mr Underwood - Principal



 Ms Thompson - Assistant Principal and Year 7 SLT Link



Mrs Anderson - Maths Teacher



Madame Amoah - French Teacher



Miss Bird - Geography Teacher



Mrs Brown - Unit Provision Assistant Manager



Mr Corbishley - Head of Computer Science and Year 7 Tutor



Miss Crane- English Teacher



Mrs Dickinson - SENCo and Dance Teacher



Mr Franklin - Assistant Principal



Mrs Harris - Student Care and PE Teacher



Mrs Herbert - Head of Year and Textiles Teacher 



Mrs Hingley - Unit Provision



Miss Jensen - Food Teacher



Miss Judge - Unit Provision



Mrs Lapsley - Student Support Officer



Mrs Loake - Unit Provision



Miss Martin - French Teacher



Miss Mullen - Unit Provision



Mrs Robinson - Unit Provision Manager



Miss Rose - English Teacher and Year 7 Tutor



Mrs Sellars - Learning Support Assistant



Mrs Shackleton - Unit Provision Learning Support Assistant



Mrs Smith - Learning Support Assistant



Miss Smith - Head of Chemistry



Miss Sutton - PE Teacher and Year 7 Tutor



 Mrs Thurman - Reception



Mr Wall - Head of PE



Mrs Wayman - Learning Support Assistant



Mr Wears - Director of Music